Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Firefox Gnome GTK Dark Theme

1.  type about:config in address bar
2. search for
3. set to true
4. restart Firefox.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Windows 10 SendTo becomes Share

Windows 10 'Right Click/Send To' doesn't work with the Mail app that windows 10 provides.

Bad Internet Advice: download Live Essentials

The internet is recommending downloading the old 'Live Essentials'.
Live Essentials has not received support or security updates since January 2017. Please don't do this.

Send a file with  Mail

To use the 'Modern' Mail app to send a file,
  1. Right click on the file
  2. Choose share instead of send to
  3. Choose the mail app.
This won't help with other applications like your scanner that want to use the 'registered email client'. To do this,  download a real email program.

To use sendto, add a full fledged mail app

A modern looking email program with a free license for personal use.

An aged looking but functional  free open source email program.

I would assume this issue is due to it being a Windows Universal Windows Platform app instead of a legacy mail program.