Thursday, October 21, 2004

Mozilla Archive Format Extension - (.mht)

THIS ROCKS! - maf: index: "The Maf project is an archive extension that allows complete web
pages to be saved in a single archive file. MAF stands for Mozilla
Archive Format and the extension uses RDF to save page meta-data such
as the original URL of the page and the date/time the page was put in
the archive.


Bob Enyart said...

I'm a campaign archivist for a personhood effort and I've tried to "Add to Firefox" Mozilla Archive Format five times. I'm using Windows 7 and Firefox 3.5.5, and each time I get no error message, but it seems to fail to install. Thoughts?

billcreswell said...

I'm using W7 and 3.5.5

I chose .17 version, and it worked as expected for me.

Are you behind a firewall, or something else that might be blocking the extension?