Thursday, September 04, 2008

Google Chrome

So far, I found Google Chrome to be ok. I have been an Opera user (along with all the other browsers) for while. I never liked Safari, because it rendered the fonts so much differently.

So far, Chrome is better. But so far, some features really stand out to me:
1. I like the automatic adding of sites that I visit most often to speed dial - I add the speed dial add- on to Firefox first, because I love it in Opera. Chrome's version adds the sites automagically - nice.

2. I closed a tab that I didn't mean to. When I opend up a new tab to search for it - low and behold, on the left side of the page, it said 'recently closed tabs'. I opened it up - it was close - I wanted the page before it - but the back button was "active" so I clicked it, and bingo!

3. Finally, the google search box is gone. Firefox 3 has the search in the toolbar, and skips the www, so why was it necessary anymore?

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