Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Right-Click to Open Folder in Command Prompt

Since using Gnome, I have become addicted to this feature.

To Add it to windows context (right-click) menu:

Method #3: Manually add the context menu

In explorer, open Tools, Folder Options.
Select the File Types tab.
For Windows XP: Go to NONE / Folder.
For Windows 2000: Press n to scroll to the N/A section.
For Windows NT/98/95: Press f to scroll to the Folders section.
Select the entry labeled Folder
For Windows 2000/XP: Press Advanced button.
For Windows NT/98/95: Press Edit button.
Select New
In the action block type "Command Prompt" without the quotes.
In the app block type "cmd.exe" without the quotes.
Save and exit Folder Options.

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billcreswell said...

If you start having folders open by default in Cmd, make sure this key is set:

REG_SZ none