Tuesday, March 22, 2011

One Page Site! Active Tabs! IE5+ Support!

(Sorry, No support for NN4)

Just some nostalgia for me. Remember when you discovered the magic of document.getElementById? Remember when the buzzwords were "dynamic html"?

(view live at http://billcreswell.com/code/grtabs/)

Ah, life was so simple then, before all them fancy-dancy script lib'aries.

function hidePanel(){
//hide visible panel, unhilite tab
document.getElementById('panel'+currentPanel).style.visibility = 'hidden';
document.getElementById('tab'+currentPanel).style.backgroundColor = 'transparent';
document.getElementById('tab'+currentPanel).style.color = 'gainsboro';
document.getElementById('tab'+currentPanel).style.fontWeight = 'normal';
document.getElementById('tab'+currentPanel).style.borderBottomColor = 'gold';

document.getelementbyid is supported in
- IE 5 and upwards
- all Gecko-based browsers
- Safari
- Konqueror
- Opera

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