Monday, June 13, 2011

Add Launcher to Gnome 3

All the instructions I found were manual entries.

To add a launcher to Gnome 3:

Go to Applications/Other/Main Menu

Go to New Item, and you get the traditional Gnome 3 launch  application


airflow said...

this is not available on my gnome 3 installation (on a fresh fedora-install with all updates). i also searched through the available entries with search-string "gnome-shell" in the package manager of fedora.

billcreswell said...

1. Install Alacarte menu editor
$ su -c "yum install alacarte"

2. Start it with Activities -> Applications -> Main Menu
or Alt+F2 -> alacarte

3. Use the "New Item" to add an application to the group you want

billcreswell said...

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