Thursday, October 18, 2012

Adding HTML Stationery to Horde Webmail

To Create Horde Webmail Stationery:
1. Open Webmail
2. Select "Options" from the top
3. Select "Message Composition" (under Message Options)
4. Select "To the Stationery and Form Responses"
5. Select "Create New Stationery"
6. Enter Stationery name
7. Select Stationery type HTML (Pause while the html editor loads.)
8. Click in text area and Select <> to enter source html
9. Use an image linked from a public website:
10. Press "Save Stationery"

To Use:

1. Start a new message
2. Click "Switch to html composition"
3. Select Stationery (appears below subject, after html is selected)


Alternately, encode images ( and use the binary src to embed the images:

Bill Creswell
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