Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Windows 10 Preview - Initial Impressions

Because...me. I am who I am, I installed the Windows 10 Preview

IE Spartan Browser with Confusing User Agent String on Bing


Installed the Windows 10 Preview on HP DM1 Netbook.

Downloaded file to add the option to Windows Update, 

Update was about 2.8G and took about 3 hours. Kudos to the MS team, it was smooth and uneventful

Initial Impressions:

Windows 10 certainly seems to be a step down in appearance,  Comparing W7 with W10, W7 seems polished. W10 uses continues blocks and childish colors like W8 did.

W10 is laggy thus far, with the menu and menu options, and the search options not always responding right away. Perhaps that's preview software for you.

So far all my software and drivers work, with the exception of the ATI startup app.


I love the feedback mechanisms.When I chose Internet Explorer as my default browser, W10 asked me why.

I didn't know what to do with my screenshot, so I posted to OneNote, but couldn't export, so I sent feedback. As I typed in my complaint/suggesting, it brought up similar issues.

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